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15 May 2019

Karen Turnlund

Client Testomonial: “I never believed that I would be pain free due to the fact that I had three laminectomies and discectomies for L4-L5-S1; fusions for L5-S1 and an old college knee reconstruction (ACL, PCL, MCL) which led to a full knee replacement in 2017. My body was very worn down due to college basketball, 10 years of boot camps, and 11 years of Crossfit. I had frequent overuse injuries from a lack of structural integrity. I now been completely pain free for 6 months and feel stronger and more energy than I have in years.”

Through Functional Patterns methodolgy and dedication at understanding her gait mechanics,  Karen has been able to connect chains of muscle that enable efficient myofascial force transmission. Developing structural integrity has allowed her to move past pain. We still have plenty to work on, but our objective is to continue to upgrade her mental software, which will lead to optimization of her biological blueprint. Great job Karen!

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