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Karen Turnlund

Client Testomonial: “I never believed that I would be pain free due to the fact that I had three laminectomies and discectomies for L4-L5-S1; fusions for L5-S1 and an old college knee reconstruction (ACL, PCL, MCL) which led to a full knee replacement in 2017. My body was very worn down due to college basketball, 10 ..

Carter Tetherow

Carter is an 18 year-old student who enjoys playing ice hockey and golf. He was referred to Mind Body Motion in July 2017 to find a permanent solution for the pain and discomfort he was feeling that kept him from optimal performance. Before coming to Mind Body Motion, Carter suffered from muscle soreness/cramping,..

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Samantha Polayes

Samantha is a tennis player who has suffered from chronic knee pain. Once this chronic pain starting limiting Samantha’s ability to perform during matches and her running, she decided to correct it before it became a long-term issue. She began coming to Mind Body Motion in March 2013 at age 23, and has be..

Mollie Ponce

Mollie is a loving mother, wife and skilled martial artist. When Mollie began at Mind Body Motion, she was 28 years-old and enduring the pain of lumbar disc herniation. She participated in a 3D Bio-Structural assessment and quickly learned what she needed to do to rid herself of this pain and discomfort. Mo..

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Debbie Baker

Debbie is a teacher who loves to spend her free time playing tennis. Debbie came to Mind Body Motion when she was 61-years old, hoping to address her chronic lower back pain, which made it very uncomfortable to bend over or switch from a sitting to standing position. This discomfort affected Debbie’s day-..

Jon Pedigo

Jon is a Priest who has a love for surfing and running. Suffering from chronic lumbar pain was keeping Jon from doing the hobbies he enjoys during his free time. In 2012, Jon decided it was time to rid himself of this pain and discomfort, so he made himself an appointment at Mind Body Motion. Jon started wi..

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