08 Sep 2020

Get More Out of Your Workouts by Using a Heart Rate Monitor!

A novice exercise enthusiast asked me if I could share some information on how to incorporate a heart rate monitor into her running program. This woman wants to keep her exercise at a healthy pace, while avoiding injury and promoting weight loss. So that's what I decided to write about this month. A heart rate monitor..

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07 Feb 2020

What is Nutrition Response Testing and why we use it at Mind Body Motion

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is an amazing tool that we utilize here at MBM to help our clients quickly assess which of their body systems may be in need of nutritional support, via the muscular system. What’s best is NRT is non-invasive and can be done on anyone, children, elderly, expecting mothers, people..

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21 Jan 2020


In order to help you accomplish all of those resolutions, we wanted to help you with some simple strategies to help you increase energy RIGHT AWAY. Whether you want to lose weight, spend more time with loved ones, or get more organized. Energy plays a vital role in helping us meet our goals. 1) Avoid refined f..

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11 Dec 2019

Season’s greetings from Mind Body Motion!

We here at MBM are ramping up for another amazing holiday season and what better gift than to share with all of you one of our top secrets to staying happy, healthy and balanced all year! It’s our amazing 28-Day Whole Food Whole Body cleanse! We are bombarded with toxins in our food system, homes and offices a..

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01 Nov 2019

What Are Whole Food Concentrates & Why Do We Use Them At MBM?

You may be wondering why Mind Body Motion encourages the use of supplements in our practice, when taking large quantities of pills to relieve the signs and symptoms of our ailments. This is the exact medical paradigm we are trying to shit away from. To answer your question, I have to give you a little explanation of w..

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06 Dec 2018

Breaking Down Digestion

Digestion is often overlooked and taken for granted; warning signs can be dismissed as normal or just a temporary inconvenience. But in the holistic community, for centuries we have known that optimizing digestion is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ancient Greek culture is known to be one of the..

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08 Nov 2018

The Bitter Truth About Blood Sugar

Halloween has just passed and it seems to be the catalyst for the start of the holiday season tradition of overindulging with copious amounts of sugar. While we do not promote a purist diet at MBM, we believe it is important to enjoy your life with fun food and treats in moderation. Splurging for a couple months on a d..

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02 Oct 2018

MBM 4 Signature Phases

As most of you know, for over 30 years Mind Body Motion has developed and utilized three pillars to help our clients achieve their health and fitness goals- corrective massage, integrated movement and functional nutrition. (Not familiar with MBM’s story? Click here) But did you know that we have 4 Phases of care to h..

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26 Sep 2015

Key Steps to Increase Muscle Growth and Decrease Fat

Are the many hours of devoted workout sessions without the results starting to frustrate you? Well, there are many factors that can cause this, but the two main reasons this can happen that most trainers and instructors will not talk about are: 1) Changing your routine & 2) Proper rest. 1) Changing your worko..

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07 Apr 2015

The One Thing Most Of Us Really Need and Aren't Getting Enough Of

SLEEP! Those of you who have spent any prolonged time at Mind Body Motion may know the Six Principles of Health and Well Being. One significant principle on that list is SLEEP. Why is sleep so important you ask? Well that's simple, it is hands down the most important part of recovery. This means recovery from everythin..

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