04 Sep 2014

Why Dieting Makes You Fat

Last month, we talked about how saddling ourselves with stress can dampen our summer fun and increase our risk for disease. If you’ve spent your summer burning with shame at the prospect of wearing a bathing suit, then you are familiar with the stress of weight management. This stress and the restrictive diets it lea..

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05 Aug 2014

Leading Cause of Disease

Summer makes most of my clients grateful for our pleasant, Mediterranean climate. So far, our little corner of the world is a secret and we don’t have to deal with many tourists as we make our seasonal plans. But our tendency to over-schedule ourselves means even our picturesque summer is lost to stress overload. But..

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02 Jul 2014

Giving Salt a Fair Shake

There are some things everyone can agree on. For instance, water is good for your health. Other statements go against mainstream thinking, such as, salt is just as essential to good health as water. Salt’s Bad Rap The American Heart Association, the Institute of Medicine and the U.S. Department of Agriculture c..

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03 Jun 2014

The Easiest Way to be Healthier

Much of our work at Mind Body Motion is about changing the way our clients view health choices. Water is an excellent example. Many of our new clients see water as bland and boring. They fail to see how awe-inspiring water really is! It can cut through mountains or be as still as glass. It can destroy a village or g..

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02 May 2014

Why You Need a Machine to Connect With Your Spirit

The hand axe was the first machine people built. In the thousands of years since then, our gadgets have grown in complexity and purpose. Yet, not a single one can match the efficiency and agility of the machine used by that first maker of the hand axe: the human machine. Machines have been my passion since I was a c..

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01 Apr 2014

Are Night Lights Making You Fat?

Nighttime satellite images show an Earth seemingly sprinkled with stardust. It's hard to imagine the millions of lights seen from space began with a single light bulb in Thomas Edison's laboratory. Harder still to imagine this glowing web of electricity is creating a hormonal horror of obesity, hypertension, insomnia a..

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06 Mar 2014

Detox: A Toxic Subject

After 20 years in the business, I know which reactions to expect from my clients when I suggest a lifestyle change. Take eating healthier, for example. The client usually nods and says his wife's been getting on him for years about that. When I talk about exercising, the reaction is big exhale and a shake of the head. ..

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03 Feb 2014

How Exercising Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Getting fit can feel like a fight sometimes. You struggle to get out of bed to run in the early morning chill. You fight against uneasiness when everyone at the gym seems faster and fitter than you. You battle self-doubt when you pass the calendar and see your upcoming event circled in stark, Sharpie ink like a teacher..

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07 Jan 2014

You Need More Than a New Year to Become a New You

It's a brand new year and you have some fitness goals. While I want you to be successful on every resolution you've set, I'm not going to encourage you to see 2014 as a blank slate. Because the reality is that today isn't much different than yesterday. Nor is it much different than the 365 days prior to yesterday. At l..

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10 Dec 2013

9 Ways to Celebrate Health and Fitness this Holiday Season

For many of us, the holidays are a rush of time-saving measures. A postcard with a family photo has replaced a handwritten Christmas card, and our Christmas tree comes out of a box in the attic rather than a wooded field. With December 25th approaching quickly, skipping your workout is as tempting as indulging in anoth..

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