03 Dec 2013


The topic of carbohydrates can be very confusing, partly because of many misconceptions surrounding it.  This is why I chose to talk to you about them this month.  I would like to clarify a few key points based on this wide subject. The information you find about carbohydrates depends on what sources you have gath..

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07 Nov 2013

Get More Out of Your Workouts by Using a Heart Rate Monitor!

A novice exercise enthusiast recently asked me if I could share some information on how to incorporate a heart rate monitor into her running program. This woman wants to keep her exercise at a healthy pace, while avoiding injury and promoting weight loss. So that's what I decided to write about this month. A heart r..

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05 Nov 2013

Artificial Light

  Since World War I, we have been moving our clocks 1 hour back every fall and going through the same routine of trying to adapt to time change.  At 2am on Sunday, November 7, daylight saving time will end.  We tend to become more fatigued earlier as our bodies slowly adjust to the time change.  Althoug..

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03 Oct 2013

Why Are Whole Foods So Important?

There is a lot of information circulating through the media these days regarding the dangers of processed foods. Are these concerns valid? Most products that we consume on a regular basis are fortified and enriched with synthetic vitamins. I would like to cover the basics of what you should know about these processed f..

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04 Sep 2013

Improve Your Tennis Game!

This month I am writing about a sport that is popular both in the USA and around the world: tennis! Friends and clients have often requested information about avoiding tennis injuries as well as strength and conditioning exercises. In my experience, tennis injuries are usually a result of a lack of proper conditioni..

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02 Sep 2013

Men's Health

Not too long ago, I was at a health seminar where the presenter asked us the question, "If you could go back in time, what age would you like to be again?"  The answers were varied; many of them said they'd like to be 35 to 40 years old.  I personally said 25, but the most desired age for the men in the room was 18 y..

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02 Aug 2013

Achilles Tendonitis

After writing about the Plantar Fascia last month, I want to talk about the connecting tissue of the calf muscle and the heel bone and a common condition associated with it: the Achilles Tendon and Achilles Tendonitis. The Achilles Tendon The Achilles Tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in your entire body..

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01 Aug 2013

Women's Health

This month's topic is a very sensitive one, not just because it's about women but because personally, as a man, learning what women go through monthly, daily and even yearly is truly something I admire in a woman. The hormone balancing activity is incredibly fascinating yet a difficult thing to manage. For men, horm..

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07 Jul 2013

What it Takes to Feel Great!

Health and Fitness Program With the Olympic games approaching, athletes, sports enthusiasts and even those without any connection to sports will be motivated to start exercise routines!  Olympic athletes somehow motivate people to aspire to be disciplined, work hard and show good sportsmanship--regardless of defeat..

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03 Jul 2013

Plantar Fasciitis

Are you involved in a sport in which your foot strength is essential for performance? Does you job require you to be on your feet for long hours? If so, you may have experienced a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis- a painful inflammatory process of the Plantar Fascia tissue. The Plantar Fascia is the connecting t..

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