07 Jun 2013

Children's Nutrition

Proper Nutrition for Children Our future leaders are being developed right now - in your own home.  When I asked my 6 year old granddaughter what she would like to be when she grows up, she mentioned a few professional careers, to race horses, to be a nurse and of course a soccer player. In order to help her bod..

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07 May 2013

Minimizing the Impact of Allergy Season

Spring is here and it's a great time to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather, stop to smell the flowers, go the park, go for a hike or have great time at the beach and enjoy the view and sounds of the ocean with your family and friends. Unfortunately for some us, Spring also brings the discomfort of allergi..

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02 May 2013

Long-Lasting Effects of Abdominal Scars

This month, I would like to share some information regarding the long-lasting effects of abdominal surgery and abdominal scars! Scar tissue is more serious of an issue than many people realize. Unfortunately, accessing a person's organs, glands and spinal column is often only possible by going in through the abdomin..

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01 Apr 2013


This month we want to share some information with you about healthy ergonomics.  Ergonomics is the science of adjusting a work environment to fit your physical needs depending on your body's deficiencies and work space.  According to the Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, ergonomics is "the application of ..

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01 Mar 2013

The Bitter Truth About Sugar

This month I want to talk to you about sugar.   Although this topic can be controversial, it is definitely worth discussing.  I'd like to touch on a couple of points in attempt to make some sense of questions you may have about this old spice that we have a  "love-hate" relationship with.  Sugar was a luxury nickna..

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01 Feb 2013

Purify Your Body: Why Detox?

The human body is a magnificent system of systems that goes through countless processes every day, every hour, minute, and second of our lives.  It is designed to utilize nutrients as a means to gain energy, grow, rebuild, and heal. Like a car burns gas to travel from one place to another, our bodies are fueled by the..

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