MBM 4 Signature Phases

As most of you know, for over 30 years Mind Body Motion has developed and utilized three pillars to help our clients achieve their health and fitness goals- corrective massage, integrated movement and functional nutrition. (Not familiar with MBM’s story? Click here) But did you know that we have 4 Phases of care to help you along the way to reaching your goals? Whether you are using only one pillar or all three, there are four distinct stages of care we progress you through to help you achieve optimal health and fitness.

Phase 1 – The Beginner/Relief Phase

In this phase, our goal is to address your most acute symptoms and reduce their frequency and intensity. This phase can be looked at as a “Band-Aid” approach because at this point we are not addressing the root cause of the issue, but rather focusing on symptom relief to help get your body out of a stressed state. If your care stops after this phase your symptoms might return because we did not get to correct what was causing the issues that brought you to our office. Examples of what you can achieve in this phase- reduce or relieve acute pain, normalize range of motion, increase energy, and improve digestion. Many clients are happy to end their journey here, but we encourage you to move into further stages to obtain sustainable results.

Phase 2 – Intermediate/Stability Phase

Now that you have found relief with your acute symptoms, we can start to address the root cause of the issues that you are experiencing. This is when we can help you achieve more long-term results. In this phase you are still susceptible to symptoms returning over time, the root cause will need to be addressed completely for you to have sustainable results. There are certain goals that cannot be achieved until your body has reached a stable state, at the end of this phase some things we can achieve: address chronic symptoms, decrease inflammation and improve balance/coordination.

Phase 3 – Advanced/Strength Phase

In this phase we focus on eliminating the root cause of your symptoms. By doing so, you can look forward to sustainable results and be equipped to identify triggers that might lead to symptoms returning. Now that your body is operating on a more stable platform, you are able to achieve goals that were being prevented by the root cause of your original issues. This an exciting phase because many clients have long term goals that can be achieved in this phase such as increased strength and stamina, regulating hormone and blood sugar levels, and dynamic pain-free movement.

Phase 4 – Mastery Phase

This is the phase where we move to mastering injury prevention through a balance of optimal myo-fascial tensegrity, nutrition and movement patterns. This is our favorite phase to help clients achieve because this is where you get to dream and set new goals for all aspects of your life- work, family, athletics, etc. Reaching this phase requires incorporating all three pillars and at this time you will experience minimal recovery time, master weight management, be able to handle high intensity activities and improve your stress management.

How Long Does It Take to Progress Through Each Phase?

This is one of the most common questions, and it depends on a few factors. Everyone’s situation, symptoms and circumstances are different and as unique as their fingerprint. It can strongly depend on your enthusiasm and commitment to our program. It can also depend on how many pillars you are incorporating into your care. Also there are often factors that are contributing to the root cause that you may not be aware of and can delay the process. On average it takes 3 months to go through each phase.

Do You Always Start in Phase 1?

Not everyone comes into our office and has to start in the Beginning/Relief Phase. If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle then you might be able to start in a later phase and progress more quickly through our program.

What Phase Am I In and How Do I Progress to the Next Phase?

Talk to your trainer at your next session and find out what phase you are in and what specific steps you need to complete to graduate to the next phase of care!


Regardless of your goals and where you are starting your journey, we aim to help everyone start feeling better as quickly as possible. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your goals and we are always honored to be a part of that process.

Want to learn more about our 4 Phases and the specifics on how they influence your program? Check out the “How Can We Help?” section on our home page



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