Story of MBM

Luis Ponce Sr. is the founder and owner of Mind Body Motion, and the heart of MBM’s mission to help others on their journey to optimal health and fitness. Luis’s passion for helping others started when he needed help himself. Luis grew up in Mexico and worked as a machinist, his primary objective was to help machines operate as long as possible without losing efficiency with minimal wear and tear. His career was going well until an injury took him out of commission and he suffered through a long and painful recovery process.  Misleading answers, slow progress and symptom-focused treatments caused him daily pain, hampered his efficiency at work and kept him from participating in the activities he loved. Despite the negative aspects of his recovery, he is grateful for that injury because it awoke a new passion in his life and introduced him to the amazing benefits myo-fascial release and sports massage. He was determined to learn more and by1988 he had begun a new career in health focusing on sports massage.His time as a machinist was not lost, just like he needed to maximize efficiency in the machines he was working on, he realized the human body needed to undergo a similar process. In order to allow the body to move easier, and prevent pain, he needed to help people maximize the efficiency in the way their body moved while minimizing friction on their tendons/joints. In addition to minimizing friction in specific areas in the body, he was able to look at the body as whole with numerous systems working together, and as such, no one system deficit or dysfunction can be considered in isolation.  This unique approach to massage therapy set Luis apart from others in his field. By 1996, Luis had established himself and had the opportunity to work with two Olympic track athletes. With only six week left before trials, the Harrison twins were both suffering from debilitating injuries to their legs and hips without finding relief. Luis was able to join their training team and help them compete at full strength in the ‘96 Olympics and take home two gold medals and a bronze. As his career and client base continued to grow, Luis needed his own space in order to continue his path. So he took a leap of faith and opened Mind Body Motion in 1998 and by 2003 Luis had established Mind Body Motion as a staple in the community for health, healing and wellness. Even with this success, Luis has always strived to expand his knowledge, which is how he discovered the C.H.E.K Institute, where he became a certified Exercise Coach. He realized that though there were many benefits to sports massage and myo-fascial release, it provided temporary pain relief, passive corrections and couldn’t address the root cause of pain unless it was specifically a myo-fascial dysfunction. Incorporating integrated movement also addressed structural imbalances, broken movement patterns and the influence of poor posture. More recently, Luis Jr. has continued to develop this program by incorporating Functional Patterns methodology and learning to train oriented around our human biological blueprint. These improvements allow you to coordinate multiple muscle groups to move in a way that is functional and sustainable. This enhances dynamic movements, such as your gait cycle, and every day activities in a more sustainable manner than corrective massage could alone. With thriving corrective massage and integrated movement programs, Luis realized there was still a component missing that would allow his clients to maximize their progress. By continuing education at the C.H.E.K. institute and becoming a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level II) and a C.H.E.K Practitioner (Level II), as well as working closely with Standard Process, he realized that nutrition was crucial. Progress with pain relief and dynamic movement can be hindered by inflammation in the body linked to nutritional deficits. And there were many issues that clients were facing that could not be addressed through massage and exercise alone, such as: poor sleep, low energy, hormone imbalances, migraines and weight management. Functional nutrition with lifestyle coaching was the final piece needed to help clients achieve optimal health. Luis continues to strive to perfect Mind Body Motion’s program by progressing each pillar to give clients the best and most advanced care possible with sustainable results. Because of Luis’s unique and innovative methods, he is known for his ability to help his clients find the root cause of their injuries and heal them at a faster rate than they would be able to do elsewhere. All of this is done with MBM’s mission statement in mind- to provide simple solutions that enable you to live a healthy and joyful life without pain, medication or surgery.