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05 Dec 2017

Taylor Pollard

Taylor is a certified massage therapist through Monterey Peninsula College. He wants to help his clients improve their well-being and correct issues they have with their bodies. He believes massage therapy is a CAM therapy (Complementary Alternative Medical treatment), meaning it can be used with a client’s current treatment or in place of their current treatment. He also believes that massage can be used as an alternative treatment to using pharmaceutical drugs to solve issues, meaning, with the proper movement and the right nutrition plan, a massage can provide a lasting affect.

Before starting at Mind Body Motion, Taylor wanted to get back to living a healthy lifestyle and was referred to MBM to help reach his goals. He worked with Luis Jr. on an exercise program, corrective massage, and nutrition. He experienced overall improvements to his well-being and was able to walk faster and longer while seeing positive changes in his health.

Being a part of the Mind Body Motion team and utilizing the massage technique used at MBM, Taylor is able to provide a solid massage and have an increase in energy to last him throughout the work day, especially by implementing all three pillars of MBM: nutrition, movement, and corrective massage. Now, Taylor wants to provide those same opportunities for anybody seeking the same benefits that he needed.