What Are Whole Food Concentrates & Why Do We Use Them At MBM?

You may be wondering why Mind Body Motion encourages the use of supplements in our practice, when taking large quantities of pills to relieve the signs and symptoms of our ailments. This is the exact medical paradigm we are trying to shit away from. To answer your question, I have to give you a little explanation of why taking supplements differs from popping prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

  • The supplements we use at MBM are whole food concentrates, so they are essentially the same as just eating food.

So you may be asking, why don’t I just eat better food?

  • YES, we will always work with you to find ways to improve your overall diet! Taking supplements is never a substitute for a well-balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein and essential fats. However, during the beginning phases of care, we want to focus on rebuilding vitamins and mineral stores that have been depleted during times of high stress, inflammation and disease.
  • We also cannot ignore the fact that our food system is not the nutritionally robust system that it once was. Due to over-farming, GMO’s, pesticide and herbicide use, foods that we know now are no longer as nutrient-dense as they once were. That makes supplementing with organically-grown whole food supplements essential in order to receive the therapeutic dosage that your body requires to see results.
  • Finally, our modern diet no longer includes many of the rich sources of vitamins and minerals that it once did. Organ meats, sea vegetables and beet greens are not a staple of the American Diet, but their nutritional value is unparalleled by most modern foods. Taking supplements that include these ingredients, gives us all the therapeutic benefits without having to track them down at the local grocery store.

Rachel Forman-Lau, NC, ACN

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